• Mali Blues Music Center in Begnuieda
  • Furbol Center for Hope
  • Here Bugu
  • Q Drum
  • Mali Blues Music Center in Begnuieda
  • Sahara Passion
  • Mali Blues Music Center in Begnuieda
SOULNOW (Save Our Universal Language NOW) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that documents cultures affected by climate change in order to help preserve their musical heritage.

By documenting a culture, its music and its challenges, SOULNOW starts making unique and important connections within communities. Working from a musical center, we bring people together to create positive change, from improving local economies to accessing technologies that will sustain the environment. Our main focus will be to work with women and girls in developing countries and empower them through direct education action campaigns.

All of the programs shown above will benefit from resources being shipped to Mali. SOULNOW.ORG is currently in the initial phases of our organizations development. We are creating a robust, crowdsource funding website with our partners at Groundwork Opportunities, and actively looking for the start up funds to build the organization and support our initial campaign of shipping a container to Mali full of supplies for the children there.

Currently Chevrolet has signed on as an initial sponsor through One World Futbol and has pledged 5000 One World Furbols for Mali. SOULNOW is looking to build its first music center at the Bagnuieda Furbol center for hope outside Bamako Mali, which supports of over 1500 young girls in Mali and over 500 young boys.

Our 'One World Futbol Per Girl' campaign will give each child the foundation they need to live better lives through education, training and discipline through futbol (soccer) and music.

Bagnuieda is a community center for girls, that teaches them the foundation vital to survival in the difficult World of Mali, West Africa. Many girls travel over 10 kilometers just to come to the center on a daily basis to learn how to be better young women.

It is the goal of this campaign to raise the funds to transport these One World Futbols to Mali, and much needed supplies, to help expand the center. The center is in need of development funds to help dig a well, irrigate the land, buy supplies for the girls, and much much more.

To learn more about this amazing indestructible soccer ball watch this video:

For more information on how you can help us reach our goals, or to DONATE, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can work together.

SOULNOW: 415.720.8068